CREDITSURAKSHA - YOUR JOURNEY TO A HEALTHY CREDIT SCORE.                                                                                    

Why a Healthy

Credit Score

Nowadays a Healthy Credit Score is very important to get any kind of Credit facility from any Financial Institution. CIBIL is the primary Credit Rating Agency in India and the Creditworthiness of the customer is judged by the Credit Scores which range from 300-900. Anything above 750 is considered a good score and loans are easily accessible at attractive Interest rates.

This score is a result of our previous Loans & Credit Card Repayments primarily and many other factors like amount of credit utilized, number of score enquiries etc.

People having lower credit scores are generally denied credit facilities and may have to pay higher Interest rates even if the facility is granted.

Customers with previous defaults on Loan and Credit Card repayments are denied further Credit in spite of having a decent profile and Income currently as such behavior is considered Risky to the lenders.

Many a times we have previous unpaid dues pending and we are not aware whom to contact and what would the current outstanding be. We realize only when our Loan Application is rejected. The delay in payment could be due to a situational default due to Job Loss or Business loss or there may be an unresolved dispute.

Such previous dues must be paid off at the earliest and a Systematic approach is to be followed to Improve Credit Scores in the shortest possible time which is generally 6 to 12 months after clearing the previous Debts.

We will help you pay off these dues with the help our Expert team from the Banking and Collections Industry with the help of our Resolution of Overdue Payments Plans at the correct amount with proper documentation through the respective Financial institution and ensure the Credit Records are updated to help you avail Credit facilities in future and Score Improvement with the help of our Credit Health Improvement Plan.

Our trained staff will definitely Guide you through this and Ensure Debt Resolution and Score Improvement at the EARLIEST with the help of our CREDIT BUILDER PROGRAMME.