CREDITSURAKSHA - YOUR JOURNEY TO A HEALTHY CREDIT SCORE.                                                                                    


CreditSuraksha has really helped me get out of debt in a very professional manner. They helped me get settlement for my loans and credit cards in a phased manner as per my repayment capacity and gave me a one point contact to deal with all my issues. Now I am on the path to repair my credit score after clearing all my dues and hopefully should have a good credit score soon ! Thanks to them for a very professional and compassionate approach.
CreditSuraksha has guided me completely to get out of my financial mess. I was given the right amount to settle as recovery agents would demand a very high amount and harass too. With professional help which I needed most due to my business losses and health issues, I am back on track and trying to set up afresh with confidence !!
My Credit Score was a mere 575 after I settled all my dues which I had accumulated due to my financial losses. With the help of Credit Suraksha , I was advised a proper plan to improve my Credit score which I diligently followed and now I have healthy score worthy to apply for credit in futureā€¦thanks to them for their guidanceā€¦its worth spending the amount as we are guided in the best way.